Here is where I introduce some of the members.. starting with myself.

I am Hannah, entered this world in 1968 and live in SE london. I am a bee carer and started on 17th may 2015 when i collected a swarm. Having wanted to keep bees for many years i accidently fell into bee caring not keeping and i am so glad I did.. and i dont look that glamourous.. i am grey now..but who cares..i am a gran after all.

This is Pete, he is a nice sort of chap..  he came into this world in 1952, (so he is an almost oap, and he normally looks a bit like a scarecrow).. anyway enough of the digs.. he made the top bar hive from scratch that the swarm is in and he did a good job of it.. tell you more at a meeting. he also lives in se london..