This is a group for Londoners and borders and anyone visiting london who has an interest in sustainable /natural bee caring.  Just interested, or experienced, all are welcome. 


 My name is Hannah (and the pic is of me before I went grey).  I decided to start the group because I found there are absolutely loads of London-based commercial beekeepers who have Langstroths/nationals/commercials.. and other hives made for honey production and not for the bees. I found I felt a bit outnumbered and lonely as I couldn't find other people who felt as I did that there had to be another way..

So I joined Biobees and leebees and various top bar beekeeping groups on facebook and felt a little less lonely and got advice when I needed it.. but still something was missing ..that something was personal interaction.


In early June, I went to the natural beekeeping conference and I felt fabulous, best weekend all year.  I finally felt 'at home' there were people here I could talk to about my passion. ..problem was it ended was just a few short days of bliss.


So my solution.. I decided there had to be more Londoners out there who kept bees why not get a group together and have a meeting once a month or bi-monthly.

So here it is ..BFG     BEE FRIENDLY GROUP... 

I hope to see you soon at a group meeting and we can have a lovely chat.. and share our experiences.  

Hannah.. (bee a bad lady) 

sorry on hold until further notice due to family sickness